Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Vegan Road Trip, Day 6

Tonight is our last night on the road... by this time tomorrow we'll be in New Jersey and officially starting our slacker summer.

We grabbed breakfast at Indie Coffee in Madison before hitting the road.  They have a few vegan wrap options, but since it was breakfast I went with the PB&J.  It comes warm, panini-pressed style, and it was just the ticket to start a long day of driving.

PB&J is a classic for a reason, show some respect.
We didn't stop much today, and the state welcome signs for Indiana, Illinois and Ohio were not conducive to stopping for a pic. 

I did get this one outside for a rest stop though.  Classy.
Pups napped most of the day, although he did get to sniff around a bit at random points along the Illinois tollway.

Pups in nature
Lunch was at True BBQ, a place we found along our route that has a whole separate vegan menu.  Vegans are everywhere!  AP got the BBQ seitan sandwich and I got the smokey tempeh burger.  The BBQ seitan was awesome- crispy and tangy topped with coleslaw.  My tempeh burger was ok- it would be better labeled as a tempeh-bean burger.  Next time I'd get the seitan, or at least add BBQ sauce to the burger.  Both sandwiches came with house made potaqto chips that were bomb.

AP's seitan, NOMS!!
My tempeh burger- needed some pizazz.  And better lettuce.
We are in Perrysburg, Ohio for the evening.  Pups and I scouted around and found a cute park nearby.

The majestic huskamute.
Dinner was from Zingo's, a Mediterranean place that has vegetarian and vegan options clearly labeled on the menu.  We grabbed some grub and ate at the park, enjoying the chirping bugs and sunset over the river.

Ok this looks gross.  But it was delicious, I swear.  AP got the falafel wrap with hummus and tabbouleh.
I got the rice almond salad with lemon dressing- so refreshing on a warm evening.
Tomato lentil soup.. sorta like spaghetti-o's.  I thought it was a good thing, AP thought it was a bad thing.
The piece de resistance- vegan chocolate cupcakes!!  I have half left for breakfast tomorrow.
Time to have a drink and watch cartoons.  Catch you tomorrow on our last day on the road!

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