That Pup

You may notice pics of my bff frequently on this page.  Pups is a Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute/some sort of clumsy breed mutt, and we love his stupid ass.

Before he found his forever family. Too thin, with a scar on his nose from trying to sneak someone else's food.  But look at those eyes!  Could you have said no?

After five years of nagging, AP agreed that we could get a dog.  We immediately started searching dog rescues in our area, and found NorSled, an organization that fosters Nordic breeds in the NorCal area.

I highly recommend that if you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, look into adopting!  When NorSled took in Pups, he had a broken leg from being hit by a car; the shelter that originally found him was unable to fund his care, and he likely would have been put down had NorSled not stepped in and saved him.  Since when does having a broken leg make you un-adoptable?

He is such a sweet dog.  Yes, he can be annoying (the joys of the stubborn Malamute breed!), and his farts are a crime against humanity, but he is fiercely loyal, and showers us with unconditional love and endless puppy-breath licks every day.  He makes our little family whole.

Pups and bath time: a love-hate relationship

Beach bum at heart!

Hiking in my backpack. Another love-hate relationship.

Napping, my second favorite activity, next to stalking my mom while she's cooking.

My natural habitat!

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