Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vegan Road Trip, Day 4

We are at the halfway mark in our cross country trek.  This morning we packed up in Spearfish South Dakota and ended up in Sioux Falls- the first day we did not cross state lines.

Pups waiting morosely for his dad to return with breakfast.
AP grabbed us a quick breakfast at Common Grounds before we hit the road.  I had been craving oatmeal (wtf?) so he found this little cup thing.  It looked weird but it was surprisingly tasty and filling.

But actually yummy!
We drove through Deadwood; I am a fan of the HBO show and was excited to see the town but it's less historical and more bikini bike wash these days, especially so close to the Sturgis rally.  Still pretty interesting, but I felt weird snapping pics since it was so crowded.

We blew off Mount Rushmore in favor of the Crazy Horse Memorial. It's a work in progress over multiple generations, and it's very moving to see a project like this in progress. The project receives no funding from the government and relies on donations to further monument construction, run the facilities and support the native community.

Check out their mission statement here.

Chubbly huskamutes are not allowed on the bus that takes you up close and personal with the monument (can't blame 'em) so this is as close as we got.
This is going to be enormous.  I'm honored that I got a chance to see it in progress.

There is a 9-11 memorial there as well.
There's also another statue of two fighting stallions.  Pictures don't so it justice.  Just go there now and experience it for yourself.

Lunch was at a lonely rest stop in SD at a chain that I had not heard of before.  I got the veggie sandwich sans cheese and mayo, but it seems that the bread is not vegan there due to some weird additive that's animal derived (hence why I'm not mentioning their name).  Still, I'm not overly concerned.  I am vegan for ethical reasons, not for weird personal purity issues.   I will not eat there again, but I'm not going to freak about hidden ingredients.  Live and learn.  In any case, this veggie sandwich staved off starvation and got me through a log driving shift.

Plain, yes, but surprisingly substantial for a road trip.

Dessert was shaved ice!  Cool and refreshing on a hot day.m  I avoided red flavors in fear of cochineal (see, I can be a good vegan!) and went with mango.

We also stopped by... [drum-roll] the Corn Palace!!!  The only one like it in the world (because why would you make another??)

OMG we are so excited!!

All corncobs, bitches.

Dinner was at the legendary Taco John's!  AP had been there before and had talked up the potato oles so you know I had to try that shit.  They were very accommodating to my substitution requests to make things veggie- AP got the super burrito meal sans meat, and I got the two taco meal (hard tacos) with beans instead of meat, no cheese.  Add a side of guac and some pico de gallo from the salsa bar, and you have a sweet meal, way better thank Taco Bell (aka the salt lick of fast food, blech).

We're bedding down for the night in Sioux Falls and our hotel was recently renovated with local art... who doesn't love old white dudes watching them sleep?? :/


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