Monday, August 3, 2015

Vegan Road Trip, Day 5

Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin!  Only two more days left on the road until we are settled in New Jersey.  Pups is getting tired of the open road, or at least tired of hopping in and out of our rental truck.

This morning we swung through Starbucks for breakfast, an easy vegan staple.  I got a ginormous unsweetened iced green tea along with their oatmeal.

Healthy and tasty!
I added the dried fruit and nuts, skipped the sugar packet though.
On the way to breakfast I made a friend!  I had to take this pic stealthily since it's on the lawn of a corporate building and I didn't want to get hassled by some poor office person who has to chase douchey tourists off the lawn sixteen times a day.

We took a stroll through Falls Park before we left.  It was adorable!  Pups and I did get in trouble with AP for sneaking into the creek and getting all wet though.  Whatever, AP, we do what we want.
Pups in his element.
Lunch on the road was Chipotle, another vegan chain staple.  Say what you will, Chipotle is a gift from the gods and I might not survive this summer without it.

I get the same order every time: salad with sofritas, fajitas, corn salsa, mild salsa, and guac.  I save my carbs for a side of chips ;)
Crossing the might Mississippi

We are crashing in Madison for the night, right by UW Madison.  I took Pups on a walk through the engineering campus and Camp Randall.

Pups learning some history facts.
Scholarly Pups!
AP grabbed us vegan sausages and fries at OSS Madison for dinner!  We watched Rick and Morty while snarfing these bad boys down. 

Apple Sage Field Roast, baby.
Now it's time to bed down and rest up for tomorrow.  Pups is one step ahead of us as usual.

Pups has found his Spot for the evening.

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