Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vegan Road Trip, Day 2

Idaho, Montana and Wyoming in one day!

Two bears, can you tell which one is me?
Today was a short driving day, a quick hop from Idaho Falls to Yellowstone.  I ate dinner leftovers for breakfast, then we headed out onto the open road.

Oh yes.
I hate posting pics of nature- you never capture how large and intense things are.  Nevertheless, here are a few pics.

Rolling in the entrance.  I would have loved to swim, but was too lazy to get out my swimsuit.
First stop was the Paint Pots. I can't even.  I know, I know, the sulfur water is boiling, but it took all I had to stop myself from sticking my fingers in the colorful swirls.

No Pups allowed, and I get why.  Pups would have tried to drink the sulfur water.

This land is bubbling.  Insane.

Hot Springs!  But not the kind you soak in.  Unless you are a zombie.
No filter and yet this doesn't even show how bright the blue coloring was.
Oh, just a poof of geyser smoke, no biggie.
There was magic all over this damn park.  Geysers and waterfalls and buffalo, oh my.

AP and Pups are unimpressed by the baby geyser that's five feet away from them.
We had lunch at the Old Faithful cafeteria!  There were quite a few veggie options:

-Spinach veggie wrap: looked pretty sparse so I skipped it in favor of more substantial options.
-Salads: pass, they looked boring.
-Teriyaki bowl: choice of noodles or rice (I picked rice) with veggies, portobellos and sauce.  Pretty basic, but tasty and fresh.
-Veggie stew: I skipped this as I was not sure about the broth used, but the internets tell me it's vegan,
-Vegetarian chili: got this for AP, sans shredded cheese.  Very flavorful and filling especially with a roll on the side.
-Soy milk, apple sauce, chips, fruit: plenty of sides to round out your meal!

Ta-da!  Old Faithful erupting!
There are multiple waterfalls at the park, which I love, but having Pups meant we could not check out any that required hiking.  The Kepler Cascades were right off the road, so I was able to sneak off and snap a few pics.

Wish I had a barrel...
I was ecstatic to have experienced such a beautiful park... but was sad to leave.  I would definitely come back one day if I had the opportunity- so many buffalo to see!

Sad face.
Dinner was pizza and salad from Wild West Pizzaria  in the hotel room.  Travelling with a Pup means you eat a lot of take-out.  We got pineapple, peppers and onions (with cheese for AP) and it was pretty good considering what we were expecting,

Fancy spread
So long, Yellowstone, it's time to hit the open road once again!

We make friends everywhere!

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