Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vegan Road Trip, Day 3

Our trek across middle America continued today!  Today was a driving day, not a sightseeing day.  We drove across all of Montana, cut off the corner of Wyoming, and ended in Spearfish, South Dakota.  My East Coast mind is still boggled by the size of the states out West.  It took an entire day to drive across Montana.

Breakfast was toast with peanut butter and jam snagged from the hotel's continental breakfast before we got on the road.  I don't love eating a huge breakfast, especially when I'm about to spend 4 hours in the car without stopping.  Plus it's free, which makes it taste even better.

The morning was uneventful which is a good thing since I was driving.  ;)  We stopped for lunch in Billings, MT at the Pita Pit, a vegan-friendly chain that I'd never tried before.  I tried the red pepper hummus pita with tons of fresh veggies and their secret sauce.  Very crisp and refreshing on a hundred degree day!

There's no good way to take a pic of a burrito.  Trust me, this was good.
There wasn't a cool sign for Wyoming going into Yellowstone, so we snagged one today instead.  Pups is totally over these pics, by the way.  He hates jumping in and out of the rental truck.

So not worth it, Mom.
OMG and again when we entered SD?  You suck, Mom.
We're crashing in Spearfish, SD tonight.  Another cute town with walking trails for Pups to explore.  He has been a little trooper this trip, well behaved and loving all these new smells and sights as we travel cross country.  Or possibly he just hated California (AP's hypothesis).

Puppy by the creek!
Dinner was burritos at Barbacoa's in Spearfish.  I got the curry veggie burrito and it was divine.  And huge.  But I ate every bite.

Flavor to the max!  Again- no good way to take a pic of a burrito.
See you tomorrow as we continue East...

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