Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend Under the Weather

It never fails.  I rarely get sick, but when I do, it starts to hit me on Friday evening, carries through the weekend and miraculously I am cured by the time I have to head to work on Monday.  As much as it blows to have a weekend ruined with no work-from-home pj time, I am hoping tradition holds firm, because I have a busy day at work tomorrow and I still feel like shit.

Yesterday I didn't leave the house at all, but I did manage to cook up some comfort food.  Lunch was rice bowls with pickled carrots, greens and mushrooms sauteed in garlic and tamari, avocado, and a drizzle of hot sauce.

Avocado makes anything good.
We were going to order out for dinner, but nothing sounded as good as chili cheese dogs, so that's what I whipped up.  Seriously, you could put staples and krazy glue on an apple-sage Field Roast sausage, and it would still taste bomb.

Tater tots are a vegetable, as is ketchup, because tomatoes.  I got no excuse for the Vegenaise tho :/
When I am feeling sicky, Pups tends to hang out and give me extra cuddles, which is nice.  Either he can tell I need a little extra TLC, or he suspects I'll be less lax in guarding my food.  Especially when I'm eating avocado and nooch on toast.  We've recently discovered that avocado turns him into a Tasmanian devil of joygasms.

He ain't dumb, he knows avocado is where it's at.
Today I was feeling a little better, so we ventured out to Veggie Grill for lunch.  I have not been there in years, and forgot how much fun it is to be able to order anything I want off a menu!

Santa Fe chicken sandwich, whoot!
We are car-less, so the round trip of walking and training tired me out.  I did manage to muster up the strength to make AP's lunch for the week, the worlds laziest bento boxes.  Nava Atlas' carrot muffins (I used cashews instead of walnuts, and did 1 cup white flour/1 cup oat flour), a cream cheese dipping sauce and an apple sauce.  Just dropped the cup right in there, too tired to do anything fancier.

Whatever, "finished" is better than "perfect".
I spent a large portion of the weekend in the tub, soaking my sore muscles and breathing in steam.  Pups parked by my side every minute of every soak.  You know, to keep an eye on things.

I got my eye on you...
Good thing I have such a good nurse!

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